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WILDLANDS 40D Inflatable Sleeping Pad COMING 2021

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Inflated Size
190cm*56cm*6cm - 74"x22"x2.3"
Folded Size
22cm*9cm*9cm - 8.5"x3,5"x3.5"
Abrasion Resistant 40D Nylon+TPU

1. Lightweight: It’s very easy to carry. This sleeping pad is only 420g (14.8oz), equivalent to the weight of a bottle of water.

2. Wear resistance: Nylon + TPU material has excellent wear resistance, which will hold up in the outdoors.

3. Waterproof : It’s very waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about the dew on grass or the drink you accidentally spilling on the mat.
4. Insulated Rating: With an R-value of 2.2, you'll stay warm camping in temps all the way down to 40 F (4 C).