About Us

WILDLANDS Outdoor Gear is an Independently Owned Partnership between two outdoor enthusiasts.  Both share a common passion for the outdoors.  With several years of experience combined between them, they share a wealth of knowledge regarding backpacking/camping, canoeing, hunting and fishing. 

WILDLANDS Outdoor Gear has a solid understanding of what Quality Gear is and what outdoors enthusiasts expect of their gear.  We've had some amazing experiences with some GREAT outdoor brands and their gear over the years, but we've also had some extremely poor experiences.  From gear failing during trips in the backcountry, and outdoor brands with Customer Service and Reps. failing to stand behind their products, warranties or services. 

WILDLANDS Outdoor Gear was born in 2019, when one of our founders was preparing for a backcountry canoe trip with our other founder, and noticed he had a piece of gear that had failed.  Our founder reached out to the brand of the product, to take advantage of their customer service and warranty, and was met with several demands and accusations by the brand.  Until then, our founder was a die hard fan of that brand. This was not the first time we've had to deal with an issue like this.  Being left to acquire replacement gear prior to a trip is costly and no fun, especially when the brand will not honor their warranty.  In the end, we were fed up with being treated this way, after continually spending good money on what we thought was Quality Gear from Quality Brands.

WILDLANDS Outdoor Gear does not want to have any of OUR customers put into a similar situation as mentioned above, feeling taken advantage of and left with very few options.  That's why at WILDLANDS we research, source and manufacture products that match Our High Standards and only use Manufactures who share the same core values and commitment to Quality and Customer Service as we do.  In the unfortunate event that one of our products fail you, inside or outside of our stated warranties, we welcome you to contact us and we will do whatever we can, to help get you back out on the trails, as quickly, safely and problem free as possible.

WILDLANDS Outdoor Gear only works directly with Manufactures, so we can negotiate better warranties for our brand of products and pass those better warranties on to our customers.  With having direct access to our manufacturers with no middle men between us, we have replacement parts and accessories that are easily accessible to us.  WILDLANDS Outdoor Gear tests all its products over a period of 3-6 months, before we decide if it gets a pass and is fit for our brand and customers.  Several products have failed and been discarded, simply not worth the time of a redesign.  We want to prevent as many issues as possible with our gear, for our customers and our brand.  We do manufacture via a third party manufacturer, and feel our testing, standards and our own quality inspections of each product, gives us the ability to offer great products to the our customers... and that's why we do it.

Please continue to follow us as we grow and offer more Quality Gear and services.

Thank you for choosing WILDLANDS Outdoor Gear.


Co-founders - Josh & Jim